MEMORIES: People and Places

“Memories: Lingerie” by Barbara Cade©

“Memories: Lingerie” by Barbara Cade©

This artwork brings together my interest in the Chinese tangram puzzle, crazy quilts, fabrics, geometry, abstract art, and felting.

The original Chinese tangram puzzle consists of seven geometric pieces. The first test is to arrange the seven pieces into a square. Then the pieces are arranged to form an object of some sort. School children use the pieces for spatial relationship exercises.

By fixing the form of the art, I can concentrate on translating my feelings and impressions of places, events, and people into colors and fabrics made of handmade felt. I design very quickly. Then I have the fun of translating those thoughts into “fabrics” which makes for very spontaneous work.

Felting is the oldest fiber process. Sheep’s wool is layered into a desired size and shape. The layers are wetted with warm water; felt is produced by applying pressure and agitating the layers of wet wool fleece. Traditionally, the wet fleece is rolled up in leather and pulled behind a horse. Artists today use a bamboo screen or bubble wrap which can be rolled by hand.

These artworks are framed with Plexiglass in wooden frames made by the artist, which makes them suitable for public places.