“Springtime” by Barbara Cade ©2018

“Springtime” by Barbara Cade ©2018

My artwork celebrates Nature in all of its manifestations of life; it is the universal bond. I strive to bring peace and harmony into my life and the lives of the people who view my work. I find inspiration in places I have lived, places I travel to, but mostly from the views of the woods and the lake from my studio. I like to magnify ordinary things in the environment. I am a full-time studio artist.

From the beginning in 1968, I have focused on natural materials, concentrating on wool, first sewing, then weaving, spinning, dyeing and now wet felting which is my primary medium. However, I incorporate other techniques (weaving, wrapping, rya, embroidery) and other materials (bones, sticks, porcupine quills, horsehair) to recreate the textures and drama of Nature.

Each tapestry or sculpture is one-of-a-kind. I work from my own photographs or sketches. Hiking, collecting various natural objects, observing Nature and making art about Nature to share with others give my own life peace and harmony.

When it comes to Nature, peace and harmony may be a thing of the past. My view of the Earth has changed. As we see more environmental disasters and accidents adding to water and air pollution and climate change, it is important to document the beautiful parts of nature while I can.

Barbara Cade

October 2018